Clay Burgess

Pastor, Founding Elder

Clay was born and raised in North Carolina and educated at the University of North Carolina, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has pastored churches over 16 years and desires to help people gain access to God’s Word so that they can advance in God’s Word.  He has been married to Stephanie for more than 26 years and they have 3 fine sons.

Email Clay: clay@connectchurchfv.com
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Tim Epling

Pastor, Founding Elder

Tim’s passion is building meaningful relationships with people. He is transparent to a fault, often bold and engages quickly with people. You should get to know him. If you want, he will make time to invest in your life and build a meaningful relationship that is mutually beneficial. After careers in retail grocery and real estate sales as well as volunteering in church, he sensed that a call from God to become more active in Jesus’ church. He manages the staff and day-to-day operations of CC and is a secondary communicator for the Sunday experience.

Email Tim: tim@connectchurchfv.com



Next Steps Director

We often say, “The position Nikki holds is the most important at CC” because she is the one that helps people connect more fully at CC and take their next step in following Jesus, thus her title, Next Steps Director. Nikki enjoys being a part of people’s lives and their pursuit of a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Get to know her. Even though she’s slightly reserved, (until you get to know her) her authenticity will enrich your life.

Email Nikki : nikki@connectchurchfv.com




Worship Leader

Steve Sharpe grew up in New Jersey and moved to Raleigh 11 yrs. ago with his wife Cherie and their two sons, Josh & Steven Jr. Steve has been singing since the age of 14, he enjoys all different genres of music. From Sting (his favorite) to Earth Wind and Fire (his ALL-TIME favorite) and everything in between. Steve’s desire to continually grow as a musician has opened a number opportunities to sing with a number of recording artist. Artist such as Fred Hammond (gospel), Ben Tankard (jazz) and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group Heart. Steve enjoys seeing people enjoy music and hear the stories on how music has affected them. Music brings joy, pain, introspectiveness, hope, etc. and he loves the part he plays in communicating these emotions. The words Steve lives by – “It’s hard to be BIG when little got you.”

Email Steve: steve@connectchurchfv.com